Applicant Management

Managing your recruitment pool just got easier. Use our flexible ATS and select a suite of products that work for your needs at a price you’ll be pleased with. Choose to use our end-to-end system, a bespoke service, or let our in-house experts manage the whole process for a fuss-free solution.



Manage your recruitment approval process

Help your wider team own their recruitment with our role creation ATS element. The easy-to-use system lets line managers add requisitions to hire, which simply need to be approved by senior management.

After approval, your team can craft the perfect job advert and post it to multiple job boards, including international, niche and general boards. Manage this process in-house, or save further time by letting us support you.

Our role creation element allows you to:

– Create new requisitions

– Fully manage role approval

– Advertise your vacancy to multiple channels



Hassle-free screening with tailored questions

Select the most relevant candidates quickly and accurately with our first stage screening ATS element. Using our system, create a bespoke questionnaire to easily assess candidates against your business criteria.

This first stage screening process also allows you to add notes to applications and share with your colleagues for discussion, plus auto-generated responses for unsuccessful candidates, saving you time.

The first stage screening element supports you with:

– A range of question formats, including multiple choice, multiple select, yes/no and free text

– Optional weighted responses to identify the best applicants

– Auto-shortlisting to help manage your time

– Email response templates for quick and easy communication



Smart tools to shortlist the right candidates

Highlight and hire the best applicants for your vacancies with our suite of second stage screening tools. Help your team save valuable time on face-to-face interviews through video assessment, psychometric tests and ID checks.

Our video assessments ask candidates to record video responses to a tailored questionnaire, which can then be shared with your wider team to help you choose the strongest applicant. Discover skills and abilities with web-based psychometric tests, then run routine ID checks with our online service.

This second stage screening element helps you:

– Pick only the very best candidates for face-to-face interviews

– Use a bespoke questionnaire to request recorded video responses

– Select the right candidates through psychometric tests

– Streamline routine HR with ID checks


Applicant Tracking System

Cost-effective recruitment management

Manage every stage of your application process with our comprehensive Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Efficient and effective, the modular system allows you to use every element or just the components you need to find the right candidates quickly.

It’s simple for all team members to use, including line managers, saving you valuable time and helping them making the right recruitment choices. Full company branding means it looks the part, and all at a fraction of the price of a traditional ATS.

Our ATS includes options to:

– Create and approve roles

– Create an online advert for your vacancy

– Screen candidates at first and second stages

– Talk to candidates simply and easily

– Develop your own searchable candidate database

– Get in touch to discover how our ATS can save you money and time.

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